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I was going to
remove this detour to Cautionville.
I mean I know the holidays are over....
I've accepted it, Santa isn't late with
my new truck. He ain't bringin' it..

Seriously though...A while back something bad
happened here in my town...real bad. On the interstate near the downtown exit
a young lady waited on the median.(Too many people choose crossing the interstate
to get to the riverfront, so seeing a pedestrian isn't unusual.) No one knew what she was
waiting for..until she threw herself in front of a truck. The driver had no warning,
one second he was just a man at work, the next second.......
He'd just rounded a curve, there she was jumping in front of him at the last second.
It really bothers me. I wonder if it had been me....would I ever be able to drive again?

I've tried to put myself in his shoes...I can't begin to imagine how he feels.
He didn't make any mistakes....

Don't think I'm without compassion for the suicide victim, because I'm not.

It just scares me that someone bent on ending their agony,
thinking of a truck as a sure death could.....

Anyway, I'm removing 3 words: "this Holiday Season" and leaving the rest up.

Please use extra caution on the highways.
Keep in mind that some won't.
Be aware...Remind yourself
that the others around you may be:











Assume you are the only one in the area paying attention.


highway enter sign