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A worn out chicken hauler traveling an endless highway in the middle of nowhere, too tired to safely go another mile pulls off. Parks his rig on the shoulder of a grassy cracked ramp, gets out, sets his triangles, his rig glows with an abundance of LEDs, plus he puts the 4 ways on. Within an hour this trucker is a criminal. A 4-wheeler, manned by a drunk, crashes into the trailer. The trucker finds him pointing a remote at the trailer doors, cussing & mumbling about new batteries. Although the "victim" admitted he'd mistaken the trailer for his garage, the officer charged the trucker at fault & fully accountable for the accident. We can't help it if shiny Great Dane doors resemble garages & triangles beg to be ran over. Seems they strongly resemble toys repeatedly left in the driveway by neighbor brats. Who knew ? Yep... it's getting tough out here. Defensive driving behind the wheel is one thing, but now we gotta do it in our sleep ?