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We made it! We are at home

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The open road...unwind time...

This is "IT", the time I am alone with me
(at times, surely not the best of company.)
My time to sort out just how I really do feel
about things that are or aren't goin' on in my life.

Time to shut off the CB and listen to the hum
of the miles being eaten by my machine & I...
Or turn up my "tunes" and sing as
loud as I can, 'till my voice gives out.
Or, I might feel like talkin', so I turn on the CB.
Yeah, I've got a "big" radio
and shoot the bull with the other drivers out here.

Every now & then I get to talkin' to a four-wheeler
goin' my way, and find they ain't all bad...
once I get 'em to quit callin' me "Good Buddy".
I've met some real nice folks out here travelin'
I don't mind 'em following me for awhile,
after they figure out that
if they can't see my mirrors, I can't see them.
(That really drives me crazy)

These times are great, makes me real glad
I'm out here, not stuck in a factory somewhere.
Sure, I have deadlines to meet,
and some real jerks to contend with now & then...
but I have an option out here.

I can be as alone as I want to be,
or I can help myself to lots of company.......

line highway

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