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Mack truck insignia

Stands for a tough truck




Methamphetamine Addicted Crazed Killer


You read about a truck smuggling drugs...
You heard the driver was high on dope

I imagine reporters found it to be a better story than:

The load of boxed beef I delivered that day.
The aggregate Marlin hauled to the highway project.
The gas Walt hauled to supply your local station.
The milk Melissa hauled to the ice cream factory.
The lumber Jim hauled through the mountains.
The load of lettuce Tom was taking to New Jersey.
The disposable diapers Brad & Linda were delivering.
The bulldozer Bill hauled to a construction site.
The beans Dave hauled from a farm to the elevator.
The load of new cars Derek was heading west with.
The medicine Jeff hauled to supply your pharmacy.
The load of mail Jack was making sure got through.
The load of beer Ed was hauling to a distributer.
The load of hogs Gerald hauled to the stockyards
The load of toys Pat delivered to department stores.
The load of pop Mike delivered to a warehouse, late.

He'd stopped and changed a flat for an elderly couple.
Someones' folks...grandparents...yours, maybe ?

The sound equipment Sam hauled to a concert site.
The merry-go-round Rod hauled to a fairground.
The Nascar & gear Rick hauled to a big race.
The load of computers Red hauled to Oregon.
The Thoroughbreds Kas was hauling to a racetrack.
The sugar Ron & Alice delivered to a cookie factory.
The load of coffee Java Joe was heading north with.

I could easily use all the space & more that
Tripod has generously alloted me if I tried
to list what all the other trucks on the road
were hauling that day.


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