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line highway

animated reduce speed sign

line highway

Since the road crew is still workin'
on smoothin' out some rough spots,
we're gonna have to head in.
If you'd like to come back when those roads open,
I'd be happy to Email ya.
There's a spot in my log book
where you can let me know.

Ya, I finally got one...

invisiblespacerline highwayorange cone
invisible spacerconstruction site
invisiblespacer"Going Down"...Crawling up hill, flying cone
invisiblespacerHighway Engineer--Bill aka "Done In" (Colo.) orange cone

invisiblespacer"Rearview"....About that space, it was for me cone
invisiblespacerHighway Engineer--"Wishful-Thinkin" (Texas)
orange cone
invisiblespacerline highwayorange cone

Don't Be Shy

Be a Highway Builder!
Have a story to share with my riders? Send it!
It's kinda long? No problem, there's room.
Or be a Highway Engineer - Suggest a topic!

Since I'm OTR again, take the shortcut.
Send submissions or new road construction ideas
straight to The Right Roads' Roadcrew

(Pet name for my lady.)

Silver-tongued devil, ain't I ?

line highway

invisible spacerHere's our exit.... next button