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I'm Gone has been a professional
driver for many years.
He retired November of 1999.
The following account is of the
only accident he's ever been involved in.

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"What? There's a what half under my trailer? A car?
How?" I asked, still shaking from the fight
for control on my perilous trip to the shoulder.
"New to the road kid? How the hey do ya think he got there?
He Drove!"
The old timer who'd, seeing my trouble,
put his rig beside mine as I'd fought to pull over,
now tried to soothe me as I started
my halting walk to the end of my trailer.
"Take it easy, ain't nothin',
this one still has his head!
He was in fine shape, a standin' on the brakes
a screaming at them trailer doors
for all he was worth, when I went by.
Most general, they slides under so fast and hard
they cuts their heads clean off!"

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He was right, it was only my third trip, I was green.
Putting pictures to his words was making me greener.
As he'd said, the driver of the sports car was fine.
He was a little hoarse, but it didn't stop him
from chewing me out. I never did figure out what for.
He was explaining several liquer bottles
to the patrolman when I pulled away.

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This account is no longer commonplace.
The DOT decided the trucking
industry should lower the ICC bumper.
Nothing the truckers did brought the need for it.
It stops 4-wheelers from driving under trailers!

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