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Ride Along With

Banner, Nevr_Enuf

Aw..Come On, Get In

Take a ride in a Big Truck. Let me show you
what I do, what I see, and how I feel.
I haul aggregate fancy name for sand, rock & gravel,
(and a lot of dirt to building sites.)
My tractor well, Okay, Okay! owned by my boss,
(the man has good taste in trucks)
is a '98 Kenworth conventional
The trailer I pull is called a belly-dump.
The trailer is loaded at the top,
I dump it by opening the gates on the bottom.
I used to drive OTR (Over-The-Road)
This is better, I'm home every night.
Hey, let's get out of town.....

photo purple truck

(This pic doesn't do her justice)

backinvisible Time To

(This Page Is No Longer Entirely Accurate
I'm back to OTR part time - Local part time
Depends on weather & amount of construction going on)